PhoneTree 2100
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Regular Retail          -   $1799.00

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PhoneTree VoiceWave

The Phone Tree VoiceWave is an all-digital USB product, emergency phone tree, that has unlimited list capacity and can be expanded as your calling needs expand. The Phone Tree VoiceWave basic model auto dialer delivers up to 60 to 70 calls an hour using a single telephone line. So in an 8 hour day, you can reach about 500 families. If you need to reach more people, the Phone Tree VoiceWave can be upgraded to two telephone lines, letting you send up to 120 to 140 calls in just one hour.

Advanced Voice Recognition technology used by Phone Tree detects answering machines and "waits for the beep" to leave your message. If the line is busy or no one is home, Phone Tree remembers to try again later. You can help make sure your calls aren't lost in the "kid zone" by having call recipients press "9" to play your message after hearing your greeting. Remote access lets you to record your message from any touch-tone phone, with voice prompts to guide you through the Phone Tree process and deliver your message.

With the Phone Tree
VoiceWave emergency phone tree, you have PhoneTree's most popular features, including: Auto tasks and auto reports pager call-back notification, the ability to offer up to 6 Phone Tree touch-tone replies, data-importing from an existing data base, a built-in Phone Tree voice mailbox, CD-quality 16-bit Phone Tree sound, detailed reporting, and much more. The Phone Tree can even double as an answering machine connected to your computer!  

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