PhoneTree 2100
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Regular Retail          -   $2199.00

(Special Non-Profit)         -  $1899.00

For Discount Pricing

Call: (709) 745-8716 or (709) 728-4050


eMail:  discount@abbalink.com   


PhoneTree VoiceWave Plus

Expanding on the features of the PhoneTree VoiceWave, the PhoneTree VoiceWave Plus is designed with larger organizations in mind, allowing simultaneous calling sessions, full network capability (Install on multiple computers), and advanced multi-line capacity. When you need to send varying messages to large groups of people fast and in the most convenient manner possible, the PhoneTree VoiceWave Plus is the solution.

· Send companion e-mails and text messaging along with your calls at the same time, giving your messages the best chance of making contact.

· Full-featured multi-lingual capability allows you to send messages in different languages within one call session.

· Choose which job is called first, in case of emergencies or other time-critical situations.

· Every user can give their own messages to their own groups, all from one PhoneTree. It’s like having up to 256 PhoneTrees!  

Thanks to features like multiple sessions and up to 48 telephone lines capability, your PhoneTree can grow with your group size.

. PhoneTree has up to 999 Infolines available. This feature lets people call in & press touch-tone keys for more info, fully customizable by you.


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