PhoneTree 2100
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Regular Retail          -   $2699.00

(Special Non-Profit)         -   $2199.00

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Call: (709) 745-8716 or (709) 728-4050


eMail:  discount@abbalink.com   


PhoneTree VoiceWave Premium

  The PhoneTree VoiceWave Premium is a 2 Line, full-featured, fully-customizable, and complete telephone messaging solution. Unique to the VoiceWave Premium is PhoneTree's Flex Fields feature, which lets you construct messages section-by-section, based on your existing data. Along with all the features of the VoiceWave and the VoiceWave Plus, the PhoneTree VoiceWave Premium is an automated messaging powerhouse.

 Flex Fields let you deliver flexible messages like, "Hello. This is Dr. Jones calling for [NAME] to remind you of {EVENT] on [DATE] at [TIME].

 Make a professional, memorable impression on those being called with highly-personalized messages, requiring only minimal setup

When you create your calling list, you can configure the Premium's software to associate variables from your data with your own values (fields) to make the building blocks of your outgoing messages.

This means that within a single call session, you can have a personalized message delivered to each individual, based on that person's unique data. Plus, the PhoneTree
VoiceWave Premium remembers your settings, and even scans for new Flex Fields with each list you import! 

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