1. What is a Phone Tree telephone messaging system?

A Phone Tree service is a voice messaging system that makes outgoing phone calls to your desired list of contacts using the familiarity of your own voice and the telephone.


2. How does it work?

In just three easy steps a Phone Tree system starts making your calls:

  1. Select your list of contacts that you would like to call
  2. Record your message
  3. Determine the time to begin calling

Once you complete these steps, click the "Start Calls" button and the Phone Tree unit will begin calling.


3. How will I know the results of my call list?

The Phone Tree software automatically records the results of all phone calls made. Some of the information available includes:

· Calls answered by a person
· Calls answered by answering machine
· Calls not answered

Once complete, you can print your call report to printer, a file or email it.


4. But what if a call is not answered properly?

Phone Tree software has the intelligence built in to determine if the call is:

· Answered by an answering machine
· Answered by a person
· Placed while the line was busy
· Not Answered

Each of these call results is displayed on the call job report.


5. What hardware is required?

The Phone Tree hardware is a single box  that connects to your existing computer through the USB port. It comes with the required software and a headset for recording your messages. In addition to the Phone Tree equipment, all you need is:

· A computer with a USB port with a Windows® 98 or above operating system
· An analog telephone line


6. Can I plug the Phone Tree unit into any telephone outlet?

For the Phone Tree service unit to function it requires an analog telephone line (such as that used by a fax or modem — a Phone Tree unit can even share a line with these devices). If you have a telephone system in your office, you may need to contact your telephone service provider to ensure you have an analog telephone line and NOT a digital line.


7. Where do I place the Phone Tree unit?

The Phone Tree services unit should be placed within 6 feet of the computer that will be running the software. The 6-foot length is the industry-recommended standard for USB cables.


8. Can we set the times that the Phone Tree unit will make the calls?

The Phone Tree services unit can be setup to call at different times, on different days, or not at all on certain days. This is all controlled from within the product software.


9. What if someone does not want to be called?

The Phone Tree software has a built-in feature to block calls. There is no need to remove the name from your list, the Phone Tree software will check the blocked call list before it starts making any calls.


10. After I purchase the hardware, what additional fees are there?

Once you own a Phone Tree service you never have additional fees unless you decide to renew your warranty, purchase a support contract, or upgrade your existing system.


11. Do you have a money-back guarantee?

We offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you do not like the product or it does not meet your needs, we will refund your money.


12. Will the Phone Tree system leave a message on an answering machine?

Yes, using exclusive AVR-4™ Advanced Voice Recognition technology, PhoneTree® systems detect answering machines and wait for the beep to leave your recorded message.


13. I'd like a Phone Tree system, but don't know if my computer is USB-ready. How can I find out?

You must be using Windows® 98™ or above for your USB port to function correctly with the Phone Tree service. The USB port is a rectangular socket on the rear of the computer (some are on the front of newer computers), and is identified by the symbol below.
14. Is there any way to get the service without the hardware?

If you want to use the service but do not want the upfront cost of purchasing the hardware, try our PhoneTree® SE, which allows you to make your calls without the need for hardware.

15. Do you offer a lease-purchase option?


16. What are Phone MD and Lab?

Phone Tree MD is a turn-key appointment confirmation and recall system designed to meet the demanding needs of medical and dental practices. The Phone Tree  Lab messaging center provides patients confidential, 24-hour, unattended access to lab results. These products have many special features designed specifically for medical office environments.

17. Can I share the telephone line used by the Phone Tree system with a fax machine?

It is possible to share the Phone Tree services line with a fax machine telephone line as long as the fax machine is not sending/receiving data when the Phone Tree system is making calls.

18. I can only get port #1 to work; what's wrong with the other ports?

Most Phone Tree service stems are purchased with only one line activated, although two ports are on the back of every unit. The other port isfor future upgrades, available for purchase at any time.

19. Can you use the computer when the Phone Tree unit is making calls?

Yes. However, the speed of your processor and the amount of RAM you have in your computer will also affect how many applications you can have running while you are making calls with a PhoneTree® unit.

20. Does Phone Tree offer customer service?

PhoneTree offers a special telephone number for our customers to call and receive customer service:

21. How many calls can I make in an hour with a Phone Tree system?

The number of calls that a Phone Tree unit will initiate and complete during an hour or day will be directly related to the Call Options or parameters that you set for a calling session. With the default Phone Tree software settings you can expect to complete approximately 60 calls per hour, per line.

22. What types of files can I import?

The Phone Tree software will allow you to import files from generic ASCII, standard text format (.txt), comma-delimited, tab-delimited, and many others.

23. What is the "Kid Zone?"

You can record an introduction that requires the listener to dial a "9" to hear the rest of your message. Most children will call for their parents when they hear this recorded message. This introduction repeats three times to give the parent time to get to the telephone.

24. How long is the standard warranty?

The standard warranty is one year from your purchase of a Phone Tree system. We offer several programs for extending your warranty.

25. Can I upgrade my Phone Tree unit in the future?

Yes. Upgrading from an existing PhoneTree product to the Phone Tree 2100, 2500 or 3500 is only a matter of a software upgrade. To upgrade from the Phone Tree Standard or Plus will require you to send in the unit for an exchange.

26. How long does it take to install a Phone Tree system?

There are 4 steps to installing your Phone Tree system, and the entire process takes under 15 minutes to complete.

· Load the software from the CD to your computer.

· Connect the power cable from the power source (outlet, power strip) to the Phone Tree unit.

· Connect the USB cable to the Phone Tree unit and then connect the other end to the computer.

· Connect an analog telephone line to the #1 port on the Phone Tree unit.

Repeat the final step if you purchased more than one port with your Phone Tree unit.